I tutor a range of subjects.

Statistics.  Most of my students are doing degrees in subjects such as nursing, business, psychology and business, and need help with compulsory statistics courses.  I have also helped students successfully navigate the methodology and results sections of their doctorates.

Psychology.  I have two degrees in psychology from British universities, and I can tutor most psychology courses.

SPSS, Stata, R.  I am familiar with these programs, and I have no problems tutoring them.

Humanities.  I can tutor  the most common humanities subjects.  For example, history, literature, and ethics.

General knowledge.  Although the vast majority of my students are adults, I do occasionally teach children and teens.  The subject parents are most interested in is general knowledge.

Other social sciences.  Very often my students are stuck on a social science, and they need some tutoring to get them across the finishing line.  Just because I haven’t formally studied something doesn’t mean I can’t help with it.

English as a second language.  I am an English speaker, and I can help with conversational and written English.

Russian, German, Slovak, Polish.  My wife Christina is a professional languages teacher, with a PhD from the University of Washington.  The languages she can teach are Russian, German, Slovak, and Polish.  She can also do Czech and Spanish, but she won’t admit it.

How much do I charge?  For online tuition I charge $40 an hour.  I also do face-to-face tuition, if you’re in the Tacoma/Lakewood area.  My hourly fees will be higher if I have to travel.